How to tune ski edges with Moonflex


Moonflex diamond files must be used wet, spraying a mixture composed of 50% water and 50% alchool directly on the tool while used. If used on ski slopes, a little bit of snow would be enough to keep the file wet.

To get the best finishing of the edges, we suggest the following recommendations: the corner of the edges should be first profiled using a Moonflex grit 100 (black), then polished using the range of grids 2004006001500 to get a mirror-like surface.

Moonflex should never be used freehand; always use a suitable holding device to keep the Moonflex diamond file steady and perfectly aligned with the edges.

For further lapping, resin bond Moonflex grit 1500/3000 is suitable. After the ski tuning, we recommend to clean Moonflex edge tuner with a brass brush and the same mixture of water and alchool used while sharpening the edges. If used properly, a Moonflex file will allow you to tune some hundreds edges.



Moonflex belts are used in the machining of ski edges with manual-feed or automatic belt sanders, for both tuning edges and grinding side edges purposes. These belts are available in grits 60-100-200-400-600-1500 and in any lengths or widths, making them suitable to any machines. Using Moonflex belts you’ll be granted the following results:

  • perfect removal of nicks and rust, according to the grit used;
  •  no heating of edges;
  •  perfect surface;
  •  perfect angles, with extremely sharp corners;
  • long tool life;
  •  possibility to machine any type of steel;