It fits in your pocket!

Moonflex Minifile diamond files are the ideal tool for renewing the angle of ski and snowboard edges in any situation.
Thanks to their sizes, they can be carried in your pocket and be ready-to-use in the ski area. For a perfect side edge, use starting from the coarsest grit (#100) to the finest one (#1500). Minifiles can be used with the comfortable and easy-to-use 87° and 88° Minituner.

Minituner Handle

To be used with Minifile

Minituner Handles: two versions (87° and 88°) to be used in combination with Minifile diamond files.

Professional File

Top performance

Moonflex Professional diamond files are a high-performance tool for restoring edge angle. Suitable for ski-men and more experienced users, the Professional diamond files are put on a workbench and used with Minituner handles. The handles have different angles for maximizing the performances according to the experience of each user.
They are available from grit #100 (heavy removal) up to grit #1500 (superfinishing).