Moonflex - edge tuner for skis, snowboards and speedskates
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Always keep your ski edges in perfect shape. Moonflex® is the revolutionary diamond file which allows a quick and easy tuning of your ski edges (or snowboards or speedskates). Thanks to Moonflex, you may sharp your ski edges as professional World Cup Ski Men do. The balanced abrasive action of Moonflex edge tuner shapes accurate and sharp angles on ski edges, allowing at the same time a low friction coefficient on ice and snow, as well as an incredibly long-lasting edge. Both these features are extremely important to ensure high performance and safety. Moonflex comes in different grit sizes, recognizable from the colour of the handle, which should be used progressively to get a perfect and long-lasting finishing of the edges.

Moonflex® is:

  • sold all over the world;
  • approved by the Italian Skiman Association;
  • used by World Cup Ski Men.