Why does "Order with obligation to pay" appear? - http://www.moonflex.it

Italian Legislative Decree no. 21 dated 21 February 2014 has amended some Consumer Code rules, in order to increase Consumer rights for those who purchase on-line.

Among the changes imposed by the Decree there is also one that specifies the term “order with obligation to pay” on the button that concludes the purchase, for those who sell products on the web. Otherwise the sale is not considered valid from a legal standpoint.

This term replaces therefore the formulas previously used, such as “complete order”, “buy now” or “pay now”.

We at moonflex.it think that, despite the noble aim of protecting the Consumer, some rules may run the risk of generating confusion and obtaining the opposite effect.

However, we believe it is our duty to adapt to the Law, even when it seems ineffective.

For this reason, we have diligently applied the Law as has been imposed, but, for greater transparency towards all our users, we felt it necessary to explain our actions.


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