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Established 60 years ago in Venice, Sorma S.p.A. is a world leader in hi-tech diamond abrasive materials. The company has ever since been focusing on the most innovative applications for flexible diamond products, actually introducing them in the worldwide market.

Nowadays, the Sorma products DIAFACE® and MOONFLEX® are succesfully used in every field where flexible diamod tools are appliable.

Diamond canvas are realized by means of the most advanced technologies in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Each step of the manufacturing process is constantly monitored to grant the highest possible quality. Sorma offers a wide and diversified range of diamond canvas, able to completely fulfill the requirements of several different industrial applications: paper, glass, metalworks, electronics, stone.

The experience supplied by industrial applications has been succesfully extended to sport activities, giving rise to a range of specific products for the tuning of ski and snowboard edges.